Friday, August 29, 2008

The New Year

As the weather gets cooler and back to school ads start popping up on the tv, I always begin putting my brain back in teacher mode. Just like most students, I am anxious, excited, a little nervous, but usually very refreshed and ready to see all of the students I enjoy so much.
This year is no different. After an active but restful summer I am excited for the chance to start a new year. We get to learn some new names, show the new kindergartners a whole new world, and we get to see how many of our students have taken big strides to make themselves better individuals.

Here in the gym we are excited to be one of three schools in the district to receive a beautiful new floor. This floor is part of our bond dollars at work. It's so nice to be able to actually see some of that money being used. We can also look out at the playground and see some amazing new pieces of equipment that will undoubtedly keep our children active and having fun at recess.

Personally, I am excited to be trying some new things in my classes as well as outside of classes. One of my main goals for this year is to communicate more with students, parents, and staff in a way to gain a better insight on how people feel about our PE program. The program is always evolving and it is imperative to engage staff, parents, and students in conversation as well as foster many different methods of feedback.

That brings us to our brand new Ridgecrest PE blog. This blog was inspired by our new principal Mr. Delgado and his Ram Blog. I thought it would be an easy way for almost everyone to contribute questions, concerns, or praise so that we can continue building a stronger PE program for all students. In addition, I will continue an open door policy. If there is anything that you would like to talk about with me feel free to email me at, call me at 361-4272 ext. 1483, or just drop by the gym.

Questions for you:

Are there any areas of concerns for you and your student when it comes to Physical Education at Ridgecrest?

Are there items that you have heard/seen other schools do that you would like us to try?

Will this Blog work as one method of communication?


Allyn Woods


Joanna Freeman said...

I think a blog is a fantastic way to communicate with people. I like the idea so much, I have a library blog!

~ Ms. Freeman

Allyn said...

Thanks Joanna for contributing to our blog. Is there anyone else out there?

-Mr. Woods-

Tracey said...

Just found the blog! It will be nice to know what the kids are doing in PE.