Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tired Kids

After a much longer Winter Break than we had anticipated, the Ridgecrest gym is getting right back into the swing of things. This week, being a strange week with all of the half days for teacher conferences, I thought I would see what sort of shape our kids are in after being away from school and everything that school entails (recess, PE, socializing with friends). I have been pushing the kids with running and tagging games all week and have been seeing some hot, tired, and red faces as they leave. Some students can hardly complete the 30 minutes of PE time without asking for a break or a trip to the water fountain. In fact, I have had a few classes that have had to stop early because so many of the kids just can't handle any more movement. I wonder how many families out there are able to participate in activities on their own outside of school. I wonder how many kids are signed up for basketball this season. I wonder how many families have had a chance to check out the brand new Shoreline YMCA over on 99 by Costco. I have heard that it is beautiful and offers a ton of exciting programs for kids and adults. I wonder how many parents exercise with their kids. I know that I have struggled mightily to get outside and do something over the break. It is evident that some of our students have to.

What ways have you found to get your kids active?
Are you able to be active with your kids every day or at least once a week?

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